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A colour palette for the hull of the Sessantasette 67

A colour palette for the hull of the Sessantasette 67

Cranchi Atelier experts in collaboration with designer Christian Grande have selected a special colour palette to customise the hull and superstructure of the new Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft. Each owner will be able to find the combination most in tune with their tastes or start from these suggestions to imagine their ideal colour scheme.

Grigio Aurora / New 2024

Grigio Aurora is a shade of grey which evokes the image of the sky lighting up at the passage between the black of night and the first light of dawn. The Grigio Aurora paint gives the hull light undertones of pink, orange and purple: a relaxing and evocative colour which is able to generate romantic atmospheres.

Cranchi Sessantasette 67 / Grigio Aurora

Cosmo Supremo

A colour that gives intense emotions and that recalls the technological qualities of the Sessantasette 67 ft. The version in which the colour is applied to the hull, deck and flybridge in a perfect combination with the matte black T-top is for great impact. But the Cosmo Supremo also allows interesting combinations with the Panama Supremo, which applied, for example to the flybridge, gives the yacht an even more pronounced personality.

Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft / Cosmo Supremo

Nube Supremo

The iridescent reflections of this colour create in the eyes of the beholder a perfect connection between the yacht and the landscape in which it is located. Once again the full painted solution fascinates, and in the same way the possible colour combinations are suggestive, reserving the colour in Nube Supremo for the hull and the stern box or extending it up to the bow and the head of the band. Covering the flybridge, the T-top in white or matt black is a further personalisation element.

Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft / Nube Supremo

Panama Supremo

White is a colour that does not leave indifferent: it increases the intrinsic beauty of many objects or elements of nature by giving them a special virtue. The Panama Supremo has exactly this ability to enhance the qualities of the Sessantasette 67 ft. Even more so in the combination in which the flybridge is customised in Cosmo Supremo and the T-top in matt black. Once in the water, the chromatically darker superstructure tends to blend optically with the horizon, giving the yacht that shines in the light an even more streamlined profile. Alternatively, the entire yacht can be in Panama Supremo, always with the matte black option valid for the T-top.

Cranchi Sessantasette 67 ft / Panama Supremo

Cranchi Atelier

To get a closer look at the special customisation proposals recommended for the Sessantasette 67ft, or to start imagining new ones, choosing from an infinite variety of options, colours, and materials, get in touch with Cranchi Atelier, the yacht customisation program offered by Cranchi Yachts.

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