Total Quality

Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Beauty inspires us, production capacity sets us apart

We draw inspiration from beauty, because beauty is what we want to build. A result we achieve by investing in design and engineering.

Our design projects are born in collaboration with Christian Grande, star of naval design and original interpreter of Made in Italy style.

Christian Grande Designer

The lines conceived by Grande take precise form thanks to the contribution of the Research and Development Dpt., a department dedicated to engineering the production process of each of our new yachts. Design, engineering and the best production technologies: this is how total quality is born.

Total Quality

Today Cranchi Yachts produces yachts up to 25 meters, with cutting-edge materials and technologies and a production model universally recognized as a reference point for the sector:

  • A highly automated production system
  • Helthy working environments, functional and in order.
  • Plants with controlled humidity and temperature to garantee the best working conditions and the best structural performance of the products.
  • Detailed planning of each production phase.
  • Involvement of management and skilled labour.

Technological Excellence

Over the years, our shipyard has developed a production model that is unmatched in the pleasure boating sector.

A competitive advantage constantly increased through:

  • investments in facilities and technologies
  • research into innovative and increasingly sustainable materials
  • collaboration with partners and suppliers, involved in the development and testing of new technological solutions.