Concrete actions

Sustainability and responsibility

Sustainability and responsibility

A natural attitude

Being part of a history that spans more than 150 years generates pride, and leads to a sense of responsibility. The actions of Cranchi Yachts are guided by this sense of responsibility – towards its customers, towards the communities that surround us and towards those who, both today and in the past, have invested in or have channelled their energies into the development of the shipyard. The company also feels great responsibility towards the environment: the well- being of the seas and the fight against climate change are strategic factors for companies like Cranchi Yachts who build yachts for recreational use, and plan to continue doing so for a long time.

is established by manufacturing yachts that will maintain their value over the years, and which are both reliable and sustainable, enabling their owners to enjoy their free time on board in a way that is always relaxing and rewarding.

require less maintenance and have a longer life cycle, as well as a lighter environmental footprint. New production techniques and hi-tech fibres (such as carbon fibre or Kevlar) also enable the strength of the yachts to be improved whilst cutting down on weight, allowing lower fuel consumption.

results in lower consumption of energy and raw materials, as well as reduced emissions into the water and the atmosphere. Cranchi’s dedication to using environmentally-friendly materials and procedures is absolute: the moulds, resins and release agents used in the Cranchi shipyard are exclusively selected from among the products which can offer the best performance and sustainability.

and low employee turnover serve as proof of the degree to which Cranchi Yachts values its human resources: the identity of Cranchi’s people and the skills they hone and develop within the company are the core asset of the shipyard.