Concrete actions

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

A natural attitude

For Cranchi Yachts, environmental sustainability is a priority. A natural attitude for those who, always, turn their gaze to the future and build products that live in contact with the sea and with natural elements.

Our Shipyard invests to improve the quality of the working environment, the performance of the boats and at the same time their eco-compatibility:

  • sustainable production process with reduction of emissions into the water and atmosphere
  • greater longevity of boats, with a drastical reduction of materials of waste disposal
  • reduction of fuel consumption and experimentation in the use of alternative energies.

Our high-efficiency production model makes a significant contribution to eco-sustainability: efficiency ensures the reduction of waste, with lower consumption of energy and raw materials.

Efficiency also gives us the reliability of our yachts: products that require less maintenance and have a longer life cycle and therefore a lighter ecological footprint.

The search for new materials is equally significant and is always geared towards achieving better performance with less consumption of resources.

Precisely the new materials help us significantly to reduce the weight of the boats, at the same time improving their resistance, to the benefit of the environment: to navigate, less powerful engines and less fossil fuel will be needed.