A boat show just for you

Cranchi Private Show

Cranchi Private Show

Cranchi Private Show

Cranchi Yachts inaugurates a new way of thinking about boat shows 

A more exclusive, safer, more engaging format. The Cranchi Private Show offers enthusiasts interested in buying a yacht the opportunity to view the Cranchi range and test their favorite models at sea.

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The event, accessible by appointment only, takes place at the Marine Test Centre, in San Giorgio di Nogaro on the Adriatic Sea, the first permanent showroom of Cranchi Yachts, located in a splendid natural setting easily accessible from the airports of Milan, Venice and Trieste.

Owners will be welcomed individually, with their family or in small groups, in an exclusive, private and safe environment. Complete cleanliness is guaranteed for all spaces as well as for all yachts before each test and visit, according to accurate protocols and through the use of ozone sanitizers of the type also used in the medical field.

Week after week the yachts will alternate at the Marine Test Centre, in order to make it possible the sea trial of the entire range, including the most recent models.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for all guests and to ensure compliance with health regulations and to participate in the Cranchi Private Show it is necessary to make an appointment with your dealer by filling out the dedicated form.