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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


All information contained on the site, including, without limitation, technical, performance data, illustrations and drawings, are merely indicative and not contractual.

The data relating to performance and autonomy, which the Cantiere Nautico Cranchi S.p.A. disclose in good faith, are detected at the Marine Test Center on the Adriatic and refer to the new boat, without antifouling, with light load, in optimal environmental conditions. They do not bind or bind to any extent the Cantiere Nautico Cranchi S.p.A.

The models of the boats shown show equipment for different markets, and also include special and / or extra accessories, not part of the standard equipment and available only at extra cost. Modifications to the models, equipment and colors shown are possible at any time without notice.

The only valid technical indications or descriptions are those relating to the specific boat that will be purchased. The only contractually valid indications are contained in the sales contract. The site is based on the information available at the time of its publication.

Despite the commitment made to ensure the greatest possible accuracy, the information contained therein may not cover all the details and technical-commercial methods that occurred in subsequent moments, or describe features not present, or not foresee all the hypotheses that could occur.


The name CRANCHI®, the logo and the sign   are registered trademarks of Cantiere Nautico Cranchi S.p.A.

All texts, images and other information published here, are copyright of Cantiere Nautico Cranchi S.p.A. - Italy. Their total or partial reproduction and distribution without the written permission of Cantiere Nautico Cranchi S.p.A.