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Assistance and refitting

Assistance and refitting

Assistance, hauling and launching

The Cranchi Yachts refitting centers offer shipowners assistance, hauling and launching services, with an unbeatable added value: all the staff active in the centers is selected and formed by a Shipyard that has 150 years of history and a solid reputation. Your yacht will therefore be in the best hands, within facilities owned by Cranchi Yachts and equipped with the best equipment.

Darsena Bellagio. Refitting and moorings on Northen Adriatic Sea

The first centre for Cranchi Yachts refitting is located in the northernmost part of the Upper Adriatic, a location that proves to be strategic to serve the Italian market, the Central European market and the region of Balcans, and which benefits from the presence of transport infrastructures of people and goods, such as Venice airport and ports of Marghera and Trieste, which connect this area to the whole world.

Here, in an exceptional landscape setting, berths are also available.

Refitting on the Tyrrhenian Sea

A second Center of Excellence for refitting will soon be opened in Sardinia and will further strengthen the assistance and service network that our Shipyard guarantees to its customers in every region of the world, even with the direct intervention of Cranchi technicians.

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