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Custom special colours: eleven proposals for Settantotto

Custom special colours:  eleven proposals for Settantotto

Custom colours: when luxury is the true expression of your desires

Personalization is the continuous search for a perfect solution for each owner. For this reason, the shipyard has created Cranchi Atelier, a customization program that ensures the dedicated advice of design experts capable of interpreting the owner's wishes and assisting him in the selection of preferred personalization.
For those who choose to customize the Settantotto, Cranchi Atelier offers maximum freedom: in the choice of colours, decorations and options.
Furthermore, as an added value, the program makes available to ship owners five different interior design projects conceived by Christian Grande and a special selection of colours for the hull and superstructure identified by the same designer within the rich offer of custom colours that the Shipyard offers its customers.

Colours and design

Colour for a yacht is not an accessory. It is the expression of his soul, of his character. Even more for a yacht like the Settantotto: the colour choices, in fact, have been at the centre of the design project of the new Cranchi flagship since its first inspiration. From the very first pencil marks.
Moreover, the profile of the Settantotto lives on a continuous game of references, subtractions and references, and in this perfect balance of shapes and volumes, colour plays a fundamental role. The right combination of colours and reflections between the hull and the superstructure can give the yacht an even more slender profile, a surprising lightness, a new connection with the panorama, a deeper emotion.

As a form of attention to the owners, Cranchi Yachts asked Christian Grande, an internationally renowned designer and art director of the Settantotto, to create the colour palettes that could best enhance the stylistic choices of the yacht. Thus were born three sets of proposals, declined in eleven versions, all fascinating and with absolute elegance but capable of expressing different moods. Each owner will be able to find the combination most in tune with his tastes or start from these suggestions to imagine his ideal palette.

Cosmo Supremo. Intense emotions

This nuance of superfine elegance enhances the technological qualities of the Settantotto, the skilful play of full and empty spaces, the powerful lightness of its lines.

Cranchi Settantotto Cosmo Supremo

Nube Supremo. Balance is strength

In this colouring, the perfect volumes of the Settantotto come alive with iridescent reflections; the lines blend harmoniously with the reflections of the sea and the infinite shades of the sky.

Cranchi Settantotto Nube Supremo

Panama Supremo. Pure beauty

This timeless classic gives the flagship a special aura, a warm and enveloping shade, which however lends itself to suggestions of great dynamism, if combined with the custom flybridge in Cosmo Supremo and the T-top in matt black.

Cranchi Settantotto Panama Supremo

Cranchi Atelier

To appreciate closely the special customization proposals recommended for the Settantotto , or to start imagining new ones, choosing from an infinite variety of options, colours and materials, get in touch with Cranchi Atelier, the Cranchi Yachts customization program.

Cranchi Atelier

Five decor proposals for the new Settantotto

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