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Five decor proposals for the new Settantotto

Five decor proposals for the new Settantotto

Your idea of ​​beauty

What idea of ​​attractiveness inspires you most? The nocturnal and hi-tech of Milan, the bold one of Venice, the classic one of Rome, the sunny and essential one of Siracusa? Or the feeling of relaxed elegance proposed with the new Firenze Decor?

Christian Grande in collaboration with the designers of the Research Center of Cranchi Yachts has created five different style proposals to make the interior design of the new Cranchi Settantotto unmistakable. Each owner will thus be able to choose the style and mood that best suits their tastes.

All the proposals are inspired with material and chromatic choices that reveal a refined taste and give the rooms a tone of warm and relaxed elegance with a classic and contemporary style at the same time.

Decor Siracusa

Cranchi Settantotto - Decor Siracusa

A proposal with a temperate and essential elegance. The contrasts between light and dark surfaces enhance the natural brightness of the rooms and underline the linear and clean design of the Settantotto. Light glossy lacquer with black edges, oak floors combined with the light oak of the vertical surfaces, bright marbles and dove gray fabrics on board the yacht gives a feeling of well-being.

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Decor Milano

Cranchi Settantotto - Decor Milano

The City that never sleeps, always looking towards the future that has inspired a contemporary and harmonious decor characterised by the burnished metals in which aluminum and steel with nickel effect shine with style.

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Decor Roma

Cranchi Settantotto - Decor Roma

True beauty is eternal. The elegant fabrics used for the vertical surfaces recall the tones of the Italian lands while the striped marbles give an unmistakable classic touch to the rooms.

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Decor Firenze

Cranchi Settantotto - Decor Firenze

News 2021: the Firenze decor is a tribute to Italian genius and taste, with a noble and sophisticated palette of colors and materials. Warm and refined tones that convey a feeling of relaxed elegance, with an alternation of glossy and matte surfaces that enhance volumes and geometries.

Settantotto Firenze Decor

Decor Venezia

Cranchi Settantotto - Decor Venezia

Venice seduces and attracts us, it’s bold beauty has inspired a decor with surprising accents. The orange leather, lacquers and warm-coloured marbles together with the mirrored glass and amber reflections give a lively contrast between glossy and opaque surfaces. A true love at first sight.

Settantotto 78