The Party Attitude

A44 Luxury Tender: fold-down bulwark sections for an unlimited cockpit space

A44 Luxury Tender: fold-down bulwark sections for an unlimited cockpit space

Innovative solutions and true strokes of genius enhance the elegance, practicality and accessibility of the new A44 Luxury Tender

A distinctive feature of the A44 Luxury Tender is the ease of movement on deck contributing to the safety of guests and enhances the social attitude of this yacht, its party-boat vocation.

With three crew and guest areas, well-spaced and at the same time perfectly connected, the entire deck is designed as an area, dedicated to pleasure, relaxation, and conviviality.
The entire perimeter of the yacht can be accessed with a sure footing on the wide side decks, without ever encountering obstacles and without ever having to go sideways: it is thus extremely convenient to move from the center of the boat - where the steering console, bar and table are located - towards the bow. and towards the stern where further seating and comfortable areas meet.
At the bow, a sofa faces a large sundeck: an unprecedented and spacious configuration that gives the yacht an authentic open-air lounge.
Dominating the stern area is a generous sundeck, which can perform a double function thanks to an adjustable and removable backrest that allows you to create a sofa that looks towards the amidships table

All around the sundecks, the large cockpit area is designed to encourage freedom: freedom of movement and freedom from the Seas

The upper edges of the bulwarks are wide and offer a comfortable additional seating, ideal for moments of informal conviviality. The bulwarks themselves can be opened with a servo-electric mechanism to considerably expand the surface of the cockpit with two “Open Water View”  terraces projecting over the water, seamlessly  with the cockpit flooring.
This creates more space and the access points to the water multiply together, with two platforms on the sides that are added to the stern platform, which in turn can be raised or lowered up or down in the transverse direction.
Under the aft sundeck there is a garage that can accommodate a tender up to two meters in length and the lowering bathing platform is very useful for facilitating the operations of putting the tender in the water and retrieving it.

From the bow sofa to the stern platform, in every detail of this new yacht we inaugurate innovative design and technology to ensure comfort is at the forefront. All that remains is to wait for the unveil, get on board and let the party begin!

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