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The hard top of the A44 Luxury Tender: hi-tech soul and absolutely magical suggestions

The hard top of the A44 Luxury Tender: hi-tech soul and absolutely magical suggestions

Amidships, the A44 Luxury Tender knows how to offer a collection of wonders

True vital and emotional centre of the yacht is the elegant mobile bar equipped with everything you need to better enjoy the opportunities for relaxation and fun, the moments of aperitifs or meals.
The lounge bar, in fact, is equipped with a stove, sink, fridge and icemaker. Once the impeccable Vesper Martini Cocktails (shaken and unmixed, we recommend) or a delicious grilled fish are ready, the guests of the yacht will be able to take a seat at the table located aft of the bar and which offers spacious seating on both sides: a sofa towards the bar and, on the opposite side, the large aft sundeck which, thanks to the adjustable backrest, serves as a second sofa.

Forward of the bar is a triplet of front-facing seats with an elegantly sporty style. The pilot is given the central seat, in front of which is the very large helm position equipped with the best that electronics can provide today, to better manoeuvre the boat and to manage all the home automation and entertainment systems.

 The driving position is protected by a wraparound windshield and above all by an extraordinary hard top which is one of the authentic wow factor of the A44 Luxury Tender.

Iconic for the beauty of its lines and the suggestive chromatic effect given by the carbon fibre, the full-width hard top deeply characterizes the aesthetics and character of this yacht.

Its soul is hi-tech - very light and resistant, with lighting and integrated hi-fi system - but the sensations it can arouse are absolutely romantic, we could say magical. This is above all thanks to the blade system derived from the highest range yachts that allows you to open the rigid roof in a few seconds and thus find shafts of light and shadow that offer unique suggestions, perfectly in tune with the refined and seductive style of the A44. Those shafts of light will make you feel like you are being transported under the pergola of a villa on the shores of the Mediterranean or on a veranda of a luxury resort on an island in the Indian Ocean. Authentic magic! And, as if that weren't enough, the shade offered by the hard top can also be extended to the cockpit thanks to convenient fixtures. When choosing such an ingenious yacht, your every wish becomes an order.

A44 Luxury Tender